Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT

Founder, Embody Love Movement

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Education and Background.

Melody Moore, Ph.D.,RYT is a Clinical Psychologist, yoga instructor, author, and social entrepreneur. She graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology in 1999 and from the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical School with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2005.

She then completed a post-doctoral internship with Children’s Medical Center of Dallas’ Program for Pediatric Eating Disorders, and three years of post-doctoral study at the Dallas Psychoanalytic Institute. After ten years of dedicated yoga practice and at the urging of her mentor, Seane Corn, Dr. Moore completed her yoga teacher training at the Dallas Yoga Center in 2011.


Melody was offered an intellectual scholarship to Project Springboard in 2011 by Off the Mat, Into the World. This incubator program, manifested by Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZN Well, supported Melody in stepping into her vision of creating a prevention program for clients like hers who had struggled significantly with negative body image and disordered eating. After spending seven years in private practice specializing in Eating Disorder recovery, Melody chose to combine the healing tools of yoga, embodied experience, and psychodynamic therapy to create a program that would allow others to know that they are valuable and worthy. As a therapist, Dr. Moore has had the unique experience of recognizing that as long as one measures their lovability by their external appearance, their capacity to accept who they are, how they feel, and why they are here will remain elusive. Instead of pathologizing clients in recovery, she trusted that their woulds were also their greatest potential offerings, and created the workshops of Embody Love Movement in order to offer others a way to be of service from a place of recovery and integration. 


Dr. Moore’s work has been featured in the books Yoga and Body Image (eds. Klein and Guest-Jelly) and Yoga and Eating Disorders: Ancient Healing for Modern Illness (eds. Costin and Kelly), as well as in National Geographic, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Sweat Equity, Mantra Magazine, and Origin Magazine. She created the collegiate BodyImage3D program for Delta Delta Delta, and is their subject matter expert on creating self-acceptance in mind, body, and spirit. She is also a National Eating Disorder Association’s advice columnist. Dr. Moore serves as a faculty member for Off the Mat, Into the World, a social-profit that empowers leaders to become conscious activists. She is a founding member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, and advisor at World Muse and serves on faculty for the Catalyst Collective. In her private practice, she has spent over 18,000 clinical hours specializing in recovery of Eating Disorders. Dr. Moore teaches yoga and embodied expression workshops and trainings internationally. In 2015, she was featured as one of the ten “Game Changers” by Yoga Journal and chosen as one of the 100 “Most Influential Global Leaders Empowering Women Worldwide” by EBW2020.


Melody has a vision for the world where all girls and women recognize their inherent worth and value, and see their contribution to the interdependent whole as necessary. She believes that small groups of women can do powerful things, and that each of us has a responsibility to do the inner work necessary to create the world we want to live in. Her vision for Embody Love Movement is to continue to train and empower others to awaken the girls and women in their communities to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world.