Introducing the Catalysts

Embody Love Movement was born out of the inspiration from a group of a few young women who, together, found a passion for inspiring and empowering other girls and women to recognize their value and their potential.

Who are the Catalysts?

Inspired souls looking to inspire others.

The Embody Love Catalysts are a group of young women who have radically embraced their bodies and, therefore, themselves.   In 2011, the catalysts were the initial recipients of a workshop that included media literacy education, yoga, and self-acceptance exercises.  Each of them felt a personal transformation, and together, they dreamed up ways to share the experience with other girls and women. In collaboration with Dr. Melody Moore, they developed Embody Love Movement’s founding programs: the Inner Beauty Shop and the Mentorship Program for younger girls struggling with eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and depression.  Through giving back in service of others, the Catalysts have found a greater purpose in their journey to self-love and self-acceptance.  They have brought the Embody Love Movement to schools, camps, and organizations in Dallas and on their college campuses.

Finding Freedom.

A Catalyst is proof that recovery is possible.

Years ago, each of these girls struggled with self-acceptance through various forms of negative body-image, self-hatred, depression, and Eating Disorders.  The Catalysts are living proof that recovery is possible.  They are committed, they are purposeful, and they are the change that is needed in the world.

Where are the Catalysts now?

A Catalyst mentors, coaches, inspires.

The Catalysts continue to inspire the mission and work of Embody Love Movement.  Many of the Catalysts continue to facilitate Inner Beauty Shops, mentor younger girls, advise and coach Embody Love Club chapters, and take the movement to college campuses.   They also intern for Embody Love Movement and continue to direct strategy and implementation of our programs, including One Love Fits All, social media, and revolution building.  In all that they do, they stand for unconditional love and acceptance.  As Embody Love Movement continues to grow, we will forever remain grateful for the inspiration of these six young women who contributed their whole hearts to themselves, each other, and the change in the world around them.