National Geographic: Gender Revolution – January 2017 edition

A Challenge for Girls Today: Moving Beyond ‘How Do I Look?’  (page 160)

How do you grow up healthy in an era of body shaming and anonymous bullying on social media? You fight back.

“In a way, every girl in America grows up in front of a mirror. The normal existential struggles of teens—Who am I? Am I worthy of love and respect?—are too often channeled through another question: How do I look? For girls the most significant social pressures they face as teens are to conform to conventional notions of beauty.”

Mantra Magazine

Embody Love Movement by Dr. Melody Moore – read about the ways you can stop contributing to a culture of oppression of women’s bodies and worth. 

“The next generation of girls, those who have the potential not only to hold up half the sky, but to fully inhabit all of the ways they can and will impact change in the world, depends on our breaking this cycle of internalized oppression against ourselves.”

Muse Magazine

Meet The Muse: Dr. Melody Moore – yogi, activist, clinical psychologist,
and founder of Embody Love Movement.
Interviewed by Amanda Streumer, Founder of World Muse and Muse Magazine

“We need to recognize that we are interdependent and that each of us belong to this fabric of humanity in a way that is necessary and vital to ourselves and each other.”


Yoga Journal

Melody Moore: Self-Love + Embracing Your Inner Beauty
by Seane Corn

“A clinical psychologist shares how yoga can help people embrace their emotions and embody self-love.”


Yoga Journal Online

Melody Moore: Healing Yoga, Eating Disorders & Self-Acceptance
by Seane Corn

“The only way systematic change is going to occur is if we as individuals take responsibility to create change within ourselves, because then it’s inevitable that systematic change will occur.”


Gürze Books:  Eating Disorder Catalogue

Eating Disorders Recovery and Self-Love through Yoga
by Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT

How yoga helps those with Eating Disorders find and keep their recovery.

Origin Magazine

Origin Magazine

by Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT

“Tell yourself the truth: that you are exactly who you need to be in this moment and that you are exactly where you need to be right now…”

Seane Corn

Sweat Equity

Looking Deeply at Yoga and Body Image
by Bonnie Lynch

An in-depth interview with Melody Moore, Ph.D., Seane Corn, and Melanie Klein about yoga and body image.

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

Eating Disorders:  How to have the hard talk
by Chelsea Roff

Interviews with Melody Moore, Ph.D., Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, Ph.D, and Bo Forbes, Ph.D.

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

The Truth about Yoga and Eating Disorders
by Cheslea Roff

“Yoga taught with breath awareness and mindfulness can help patients learn how to regulate and calm difficult emotions rather than repress them through compulsive behaviors, and also to rediscover a sense of joy in their body and self-acceptance.
-Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT”

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News

Embody Love Movement helps girls raise self-confidence
by Kirk Dooley

“There’s a revolution going on in Dallas and it is rapidly gaining momentum among teenage girls.  It is called Embody Love Movement. Its mission is to promote positive self-esteem…”

Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal

Practicing Body Acceptance, Compassion, and Community:  A conversation with Dr. Melody Moore
by Melanie Klein

Melanie Klein, M.A. interviews Melody Moore, Ph.D. on body acceptance, compassion and community.

Yoga International

Yoga International

How Yoga helps you Love your Body
by Linda Sparrow

“Yoga can help you learn to love and accept yourself, but only if you embrace the true meaning of the practice.”

Its All Yoga, Baby

It’s All Yoga, Baby

Announcing Yoga and Body Image, the book
by Roseanne Harvey

Melody Moore is honored to be one of the contributors of the book, Yoga and Body Image.

Melody Moore

Interview with Jennifer Louden

The Life Navigation Course
by Jennifer Louden

Interviewing Dr. Melody Moore, Founder of Embody Love Movement

Body Image Summit

The Body Image Summit

The Body Image Summit 2013
with Dr. Dawn Dalali

Listen to a podcast interview from the Body Image Summit 2013 with Dr. Melody Moore and Dr. Dawn Dalali.

Curvy Yoga

Love, Curvy Yoga: An interview with Dr. Melody Moore of the Embody Love Movement
with Anna Guest-Jelley

Melody Moore, Ph.D. is the first guest to be interviewed in Anna Guest-Jelly’s Love, Curvy Yoga’s podcast.  Listen here!



Being Crazy  |  You Are Worth Of Love  |   Becoming Selfless
by Estrella Thomas

Estrella, one of Embody Love Movement’s original facilitators and inspirations, talks about how learning self-love can change your life and how focusing on helping others can really put things into perspective.

Hunter Yoga

Embody Love with Dr. Melody Moore  |  How yoga can help and hurt your body image
Podcast with Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE, RYT

How do you feel about your body? If you’ve heard that voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t thin enough, pretty enough… fill in the blank, then you are normal. And isn’t that sad that so many women and girls walk through life feeling not enough?

Lexi Moorehead of Spring Hill College

Embody Love Movement (video) |  Embody Love Movement challenges social norms (pg 8)
Video with Patricia Moes, Article by Megan St. Germain and Lauren Rubin

“The movement strives to change the way girls talk about themselves.  It encourages them to turn negative thoughts and words into positive ones.”