Embody Love Movement. What an amazing, life changing experience. I attended a workshop with the mindset of learning about other people; I never thought I would have learned so much about myself. This workshop changed my perspective and my inner thoughts. I learned, listened, cried and experienced so much love and support from all the other ladies’ participating. It was remarkable to learn about how others speak to themselves- the constant judgment, specifically- and to eventually realize the thoughts I was having on a daily basis. I discovered so much about my relationships with others and why I react the way I do to certain circumstances. The subconscious thoughts I had been suppressing for years- finally came up to the surface—what a relief. This workshop gave me a new outlook on where I am in life- and why it’s perfect for me, right now. I encourage every person to attend this workshop; to learn, to experience and to grow and become comfortable (maybe even) confident with yourself.

– Lyndsy Tainsh, Workshop Participant

How beautiful it is to stand witness as women allow themselves to become empowered. To say I was moved by the Embody Love workshop and facilitator training does not do the experience justice. Before the first night ended, I knew I would leave changed. I could feel the light inside of my heart, and I saw it reflected in those standing with me. There is so much power in this revolution!! The workshop is truly a shift of perspective. The goal is not simply to feel good about my body, as much of a struggle and triumph as that is, the goal is to connect my deep, true self to other hearts, to the world. It is a revolution of women getting out of their own way, not allowing lies to dictate their self worth, and harnessing their love so they can better the world. I am so honored to be a part of it. I want to strive to embody love!

– Julia Cartwright, Dallas

“The Embody Love Movement program has opened my eyes to the many issues young girls are a facing in developing a sense confidence and self-worth in our fast-paced, technology driven world. The program challenges girls to look within to find what is truly special about themselves. They have developed a program which is interactive, engaging and that encourages girls to dispel stereotypes and realize that true friends are the ones we like because of what they are on the inside and not how they look on the outside. The girls do various activities about how the media and social media effect how we feel about ourselves, how it suggests to us how to feel about others, and what steps to take to recognize that those aspects do not reflect what people are about. In talking about these real issues, as well as doing many confidence building activities, girls become empowered and realize their value.”

– Stacy Cushing, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

“This past summer, Camp Waldemar hosted Embody Love Movement for an Inner Beauty Shop and absolutely loved it! Through emotional and tough at times, every single camper and counselor in that room took home a part of it and left with a stronger love of themselves. It was moving to see some campers struggle through the talks about body image and also to witness other campers helping them through it. The campers had a great time with the yoga session too! We loved all of the warriors and Melody as well! I hope Embody Love Movement can move through- out the country helping more and more girls, and we hope to have them back next summer!

– KB, Camp Waldemar

“As an educator, I cannot think of anything more important than helping my students discover their value, worth, and beauty for themselves. The Embody Love Movement workshop is an ideal program for middle school students because it approaches the concept of self-acceptance from a physical, spiritual, and emotional stand point at such a pivotal time in their lives. It was a privilege to host Embody Love Movement at St. Mary of Carmel, and I look forward to their return.”

– ME, St. Mary of Carmel School

“I thought it was really really empowering and helped me feel more confident with my body. I value myself more now than before the talk, and I think that’s an incredibly powerful thing to help girls and women feel the same way…I think it could really really help my friends, too.”

– Elon University student

“I used to always doubt myself. I always thought, ‘If only I was taller/skinnier/prettier/smarter/better, I’d be happy.’ I never realized just how great I really was. When I saw the sign for the Inner Beauty Shop, I was thrilled out of my mind! I was so excited all month long to go. When I finally got there, I learned so much about myself that I never even knew. I realized how much my friends, family, and the media affected the way I saw myself in the mirror. I also learned just how insecure I really am and how to fix it. It was amazing to feel happy with myself. I hadn’t felt like that before! I think that these workshops can help girls all over the world, just like they helped me. We all have our doubting moments. We all compare ourselves to others sometimes. It’s natural. We’re human. But this workshop taught me how to get those thoughts under control. I am now so happy, and thankful every day that I am who I am. So, I have one thing to say to these workshops: Thank you for changing my life!”

– participant, New Jersey

“This movement has made a big difference in the girls of our school. It has taught us that not everybody is the same and that it’s okay to be different. All of the girls that participated in this program feel more confident about who they are and who they will become.”

– Our Lady of Perpetual Help School student

“It’s taken me a few days to process and rest..but to say I had a shift is an understatement of the experience of the Embody Love Movement, Inner Beauty Workshop. I spent 3 hours with sisters for change – 17 of them. I felt the ripple of love, of empowerment and more so for the cruelty we inflict upon ourselves. I FELT THAT! I felt the painful words and messages we tell ourselves shift from discontent to content. This was a powerful shift that took trust, power, vulnerability and courage. If only I had this when I was 13 years old – those messages that seeped into my cells would never have had the space to grow and keep me down. I was told I was intimidating, too loud and too big in size and energy.so I played small, didn’t use my voice and learned to stay in the background…Service healed me – so I thought…this 3 hour workshop provided me a MIRROR to see myself in the eyes of another to feel the power of our inner words through actions, through yoga and through tears. I am a powerful woman embracing the countless feisty words of wisdom bestowed upon me by my 17 revolutionaries. I thank you and I love you all for lifting me up. Want this for your daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts…ask me!”

– Jodi Weiner, Executive Director of Yoga Gangsters