Welcome, reader. Welcome, writer. Welcome.

First, welcome your heart’s opening to the experiences shared within this Embody Love blog. As you read, I invite you to open your mind to new possibilities and your body into a new relationship with your soul. As you write, I invite you to write with courage, to tell the complete truth, to offer your experience as though without doing so, you’d lose the point of having had it at all.
I invite you to experience the stories shared here as you would take in a sunset; with wonder, and as if it’s colors light up the sky for you alone to behold. I invite you to be present to your sensations as words weave their way into your cells, and as sentences land in your bones, fortifying and strengthening your resolve to stand for yourself, and to stand in the presence of others with empathy and with awe.

May the sharing of wisdom and the telling of experience within this sacred space bring both writer and reader healing. I believe that stories do just that. Stories offer a sense of connection, a “me too”, an opportunity for grace. Stories offer a reflective surface wherein we can see ourselves not as separate, but as integrated. Interconnected. Integral.
May this blog be offered as medicine to the broken parts of all of us, to the places inside that feel rejected, to the isolated and hopeless thoughts that leave us scrambling inside a delusion of not enough-ness. May this blog be a space of deep respect for the circular paths we have worn down, for the hard left turns we have taken, for the skinned knees we have bruised up in attempts to find our way home.

May the writers, and every reader is invited to become one, tell the wholehearted truth. May the readers find hope and feel fully met through receiving. In this shared conversation that is intended to open us up to unconditional love and lovability, may we heal.
This space is for you. It is for you to offer up, to show up, to speak up. It is for you to listen deeply and to feel fully. If and when you feel called, write us. Submit your story. Imperfect, unfinished, embarrassing. Yes. Send that. If you feel comfortable, keep writing. Write until you tremble and have second and third thoughts, then send. Write like your capacity to love depends on it. Send that. Let us share in your courage and celebrate the triumph of your letting go.
I invite your submissions. I invite your readership. I invite your holiness and your heartbreak. Together, may we use this container to fully embody all that is of love.
In deep gratitude for the capacity to offer this space for all of us,




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