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    loveIt starts when we’re children. “Who’s your Valentine?”, parents ask. And then, “Who are you giving your Valentine to?”, teachers wonder. And years later, “Who are you spending Valentine’s Day with?”, friends inquire. The day has created this expectation that we need an ‘other’ to celebrate. But not this Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re teaming up with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and asking you to flip these expectations upside down and choose YOU. Be your own Valentine. And because all Valentine’s deserve a LOVE NOTE, it’s time to write one to yourself. Write a word, sentiment, or mantra to yourself, take a picture of it and use #LOVENOTES.

    Yoga and Body Image Coalition Logo Join us next Tuesday, February 14th, and let’s revolutionize the way that we think about self-LOVE. Help us flood the internet with #LOVENOTES, share this campaign with friends and become eligible for some great prizes!



    1. Follow both hosts: @embodylovemovement and @ybicoalition
    2. Share your photo on social media using hashtag #LOVENOTES
    3. Tag three friends who you think could use a loving reminder of her or his own worth and may want to join the love bomb party!


      We’ll be choosing 3 winners at random. Each winner will receive:

    1. A copy of Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery & Loving Your Body. The copy will be signed by co-editor, Melanie Klein, and book contributor & Embody Love founder, Dr. Melody Moore
    2. ONE LOVE FITS ALL tank from Embody Love Movement.


    love-inTo top things off, we encourage you to join Dr. Melody Moore and Rosie Molinary for a FREE online class on Valentine’s Day at 5:30pm PST. There has never been a more necessary time for love- especially self-love. Dr. Moore and Rosie will gather with you for a profound declaration of love as they help you write a personal love covenant to powerfully guide how we show up for ourselves.

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