I used to regularly encounter a quote about the present being a gift. I always thought it was a bit hokey – a play on words that could have sentiment but perhaps got lost among other popular quotes. That was back then. Before the workshop. Today, one year after, those words land on me in such a different way. I have this memory of me standing in a room with six other women, each of us impacted by the post-its that we had just stuck to our partner’s body, and I remember this wave of energy that passed through me. It was the most bizarre moment and one that I’ll never forget. I knew then that something had landed. I wasn’t sure what it was but it felt weighted, meaningful, and significant. And then I remembered that quote, The Present is a Gift. I’m pretty sure that I had never been so present as I was in that moment and although I was hurting – sad for the other women and their post-its, sad for mine – I understood that I was receiving a gift.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.

embody-love-workshopThe workshop that I participated in with Embody Love Movement was indeed a gift. The experience that I had was life-changing. But it wasn’t just the workshop that shifted the way that I think. My facilitator was great, yes. The content was amazing, yes. But for me, it was the other women in the workshop and their willingness to reveal parts of themselves that made me feel so transformed.

The gift that I was given was being in the present but it was being present with those women. It was sharing vulnerability, sharing pain, sharing tears, sharing LOVE. I won’t ever forget them. A few I’ve even stayed in touch with. And we keep each other accountable. “Are you keeping up with your pledge?” they ask. “I’m trying,” I say! I am so grateful for Embody Love Movement, yes. AND I am even more grateful every day for the present because it absolutely IS a gift, especially if you’ve got women to share it with.

by Sheri, Colorado

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