How beautiful it is to stand witness as women allow themselves to become empowered. To say I was moved by the Embody Love workshop and facilitator training does not do the experience justice. Before the first night ended, I knew I would leave changed. I could feel the light inside of my heart, and I saw it reflected in those standing with me. There is so much power in this revolution!! The workshop is truly a shift of perspective. The goal is not simply to feel good about my body, as much of a struggle and triumph as that is, the goal is to connect my deep, true self to other hearts, to the world. It is a revolution of women getting out of their own way, not allowing lies to dictate their self worth, and harnessing their love so they can better the world. I am so honored to be a part of it. I want to strive to embody love!

Julia Cartwright, Dallas

Welcome, reader. Welcome, writer. Welcome. First, welcome your heart’s opening to the experiences shared within this Embody Love blog. As you read, I invite you to open your…