Our workshops come in four different formats and are available to girls and women ages 7-100. Participants are led through interactive exercises, embodied yoga practices, and truthful conversations that open them to changing the way they view themselves and others. Participants will leave recognizing that who they are inside is what matters about them and that their external appearance is not what determines their worthiness. Our workshops are powerful and transformative.

Embody Love Camp


This summer, be a part of a revolution that is creating a world where everyone loves and accepts themselves and others for who they are on the inside, instead of what they look like on the outside. Girls get a chance to explore the beauty in learning to compassionately take care of themselves, how to be kind and support others and see how their strengths, talents and passions can make great change in this world.

Embody Love Club


You can create a campus where everyone feels welcome and worthy. It starts with you. Are you ready to commit to using positive and affirming self-talk, and to only speaking words about others that are encouraging and uplifting? This is the root of Embody Love Movement: your capacity to be the love you already are.



Spreading the love is a matter of the heart, but it takes donations to make it happen. Help us create a world of kindness, compassion and purpose by participating one of our fundraisers.