What do we do?

Initiate on-campus awareness.

You can do our awareness campaigns that support positive self-talk and non-judgmental attitudes toward others.

Spread love and acceptance to all the students at your school!

Help you get started.

We send you a manual with campaigns to choose from to spread the love on your campus, such as: “Don’t Dare Compare,” “Love-Tag,” “Your Soul Has a Body,” “Mirror, Mirror,” and more!

Support you along the way.

We will be here to support you every step of the way, throughout the year:

  • Choosing other students as officers
  • Finding a faculty advisor to get you started
  • Setting up initiatives on your campus

Become a leader.

Start leading the Embody Love Movement.

Being a leader will empower you, inspire you, and fill you
with what matters most: love.

You, along with other local chapter officers, will be invited to participate in Leadership Summits at Embody Love Movement at the beginning of each semester. Here, you’ll exchange ideas with revolutionaries from other schools.

To start an Embody Love Club on your campus or for questions, email clubs@embodylovemovement.org.

The officers from each school can participate in Leadership Summit meetings twice a year.

Is it in you?

Embody Love Clubs are official clubs, initiated by any student, to bring the inside-out beauty revolution to your high school campus.

  • Are you tired of hearing body shaming talk?
  • Want to create a change on your campus?
  • Want to be a part of helping students at your school know that
    everyone matters?
  • Willing to stand up for what you believe is beautiful?

If the answer is “Yes,” then you’re ready
to start an Embody Love Club on your campus!

Get Started Today!

Join the list of schools with clubs already on their campuses!

  • The Hockaday School
  • Nolan High School
  • Episcopal High School (Alexandria, VA)
  • Highland Park High School
  • Ursuline Academy
  • Crater High School
  • Booker T. Washington
  • Girl Scout Troop 4632
  • Bishop Lynch High School
  • Allen High School
  • Balch Springs Middle School
  • Cleveland High School



To start or sponsor an Embody Love Club, select an option below.  For questions, please email clubs@embodylovemovement.org.