The online intensive facilitator training will guide you into navigating your own relationship to your body, to your intentions, possibilities, and purpose. Being an advocate for positive body image requires doing the inner work toward self-love and self-acceptance. At its root, body image acceptance is self-acceptance. It requires self compassion, forgiveness, and presence. It requires an ability to hold others’ process and points along their process with empathy and understanding. It requires a sincere dedication to a personal practice of self-love.

This isn’t easy, and there is no perfecting it, but there are tools and resources that can support you.This four part training includes a culmination of experience from Dr. Moore’s clinical psychology training and experience, yoga and embodiment studies, and spiritual practices. You will be given resources to inform your own continued path toward radical self-love, as well as to be an ally and advocate for others’ unfolding. You will be offered additional skills to navigate difficult conversations as a facilitator, and as a person in the world standing for the truth that everyone deserves dignity and respect. You will be taught meditations, cues, and interventions to support you in bringing yourself and those you teach, mentor, and serve into greater alignment and wholeness. This course is not only a body-image breakthrough, but a soul dive into the possibilities available to you when you stop valuing your external appearance and start experiencing yourself as essential.

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